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Here, you can find the answer to the most frequent questions!

The hostel rate includes a small complimentary toiletry kit. If you need more, you can buy them in the vending machine at the reception or in the nearby supermarkets.

It means that you will find more beds in the room than required. However, the room is private and the rate is per person.

It means that there will be other people in the room, regardless of gender, up to a maximum of 6 people. The bathroom is shared by the people in the room.

Check-out takes place before 10.00am. After this time, the room must be vacated by people and luggage.

By 10.00am the room must be vacated. You can stay in the room until 12.00, with a supplement. If you keep the room after 12.00, you are required to pay the full amount of the room, if not booked for that night.

With the electronic key card given at check-in, you can return at any time in the evening.

Payment for the reservation is made in full upon check-in. You can pay in any way you prefer, except by bank checks or foreign currency.

In the event of early departure for personal or organizational reasons, the person or organization who made the reservation is not entitled to a refund if:

  • the payment has already been advanced
  • the full payment is required for the days booked.

However, reimbursement for medical reasons is possible.

We have prepared a map of the city's restaurants for you. In any case, ask our staff for advice!